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Why does lime love to scale up my shower walls?

I love my showers.  They are not the fanciest showers in the world but they were designed to be beautiful, functional and easy to maintain.  And they are beautiful and functional.  It is the easy to maintain part that isn’t going according to plan.

When my place was being built I had grey subway tiles installed with a pebble boarder.  The subway tiles are shiny so I was sure they would be easy to keep clean.  They probably would have been easy to keep clean if the builder had sealed the “custom” tile work that cost extra to have professionally installed.  I learned this about a year too late.

Even though I diligently cleaned the showers (see previous post where I discuss how much I hate to clean) and my cleaning helpers diligently cleaned, the lime continued to scale up the shower walls.

Surely, I thought, there must be an easy “green” solution to the lime scale problem.  I researched every green blog I knew and found several new blogs in the process.  All had solutions and I valiantly tried each and every one of them. A few of them kept the lime scale from getting worse but it wouldn’t remove the stuff that seemed like it was etched into the tile.

Desperation set in. I contacted a tile professional that I met at a networking event. She quoted me a price that meant I wouldn’t be buying shoes for a few months but was reasonable given the amount of work required. Did I mention I was desperate?  I was not going to let the lime scale win this war.

It was worth every penny and it the product used was non-toxic too.  The showers looked brand new.  Thank you to Stoddard Tile.  Then the panic set in.  How was I going to keep them looking that way?  I guess I could take baths forever so no water ever touched the shower walls again – not a realistic solution.

Back to the research banks.  Read about sealing tiles with Turtle Wax to repel spotting and it is supposed to last for a whole year. I am using the guest bath for the experiment. Resealed the grout and then waxed the tiles with Turtle Wax. Purchased a new all-in-one filtered showerhead - Sprite that is supposed to filter out all kinds of icky chemicals and keep the lime from scaling up again. And the final insurance – a chamois to wipe down the shower after use.  Seriously hope this works – am tired of taking baths.

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